New in 2023 : surf therapy in Biarritz

What's a surf therapy ?

Surf therapy = surfing on medical prescription.

It’s new, and it’s good to see surfing on a different angle !

As described in our latest article, surfing has become fashionable in the last few years. We live at the rhythm of the tides, we adopt a natural wavy, we dress like a surfer, we look for the performance like a surfer…

What if surfing was more than a way of life? What if it could actually save lives?

This is the project on which Nicolas Pinot, former member of the French surfing team and member of the scientific committee of the national association Surf santé, has been working for almost 3 years now.

The goal of such a project?! To use the practice of surfing to help solve pathologies, both physical and mental.

Through the work of endurance, muscle strengthening and cardiovascular exercises in the marine environment, it has been scientifically proven that surfing can literally cure certain diseases and help people in remission.

The objectives and methods are the result of clinical research carried out by the Surf santé scientific team (psychiatrists, surgeons, doctors, osteopaths, pharmacists). The training provided and the Surf santé label is recognized by order of the Ministries of Sport and Health.

From now on, surfing can be prescribed by a doctor.

The treatment lasts for a minimum of 2 to 3 months, once a week.

The activity will be supervised by state-qualified surf instructors who will have their surf health certification.

Surf Therapy Saturdays at Hastea

For a physical activity to have a beneficial effect on health, it must be practiced regularly, intensely enough and progressively so that changes occur in the body. That’s why Nicolas came up with the idea of Saturday Surf Therapy at Hastea on the Côte des Basques in Biarritz.

The goal is to offer 100% dedicated time to sick people every Saturday of the year.

We have been combining surfing and wellness at Hastea for several years now, starting with the surf and yoga packages that we can set up on request.

It’s important for us to continue on this path and to push the envelope further with the Surf Therapy Saturdays.

Surfing is also about taking time for yourself and taking care of yourself, no matter how sick you are.

Thanks to surfing, you can recover your breathing capacities, regain motor skills and flexibility while gaining self-confidence and pleasure!

The challenge for Nicolas Pinot and our other certified instructors will be to find the motivation trigger for each of these patients.

They will have to understand the medical prescription and be able to adapt their pedagogy to what the health specialist will recommend.

To do so, these courses will be organized in very small groups, only on Saturday afternoon.

Reservations can be made with Nicolas Pinot, +337., all year long!



Nicolas Pinot, qualified surfing instructor andambassador of Surf Santé explains:

The idea behind this project came first from the different audiences I have met in 5 years of teaching surfing. Among them, I was able to accompany people who came for very different reasons, from serious pathology to temporary mental overload. All of them come looking for something in sport and outdoor activities that medicine alone cannot offer. That’s why I developed this tailor-made educational project around a resourcing, friendly and secure support.


Pol Plantec, Director of Hastea and surf instructor, testifies:

We have been working with Nicolas for a long time and are happy to welcome Pure Surf School’s discovery courses in our school this summer“.


Adeline (cancer)

I am proud of myself, I feel like I have overcome limiting thoughts (“It’s not for me, I won’t make it, I’m afraid of the waves, I’ll be cold”, etc.). Surfing is a rewarding sport, in fact, because it has a cool and positive image.


Marine (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

« Physically it’s a total success. My breathing capacity has improved considerably, my muscular strength has improved, my endurance is greater. Mentally and emotionally, it was also a total success. It gave me back my self-confidence”.

Practical information :

– Saturdays of Surf Health: classes every Saturday from April 1st 2023, and all year long.

Fees :

The cost of a session is between 35 and 45 euros. Duration 1H30

To book a session or for any further information, please contact : :
Nicolas Pinot – +33

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