In collaboration with the city of Biarritz, the French Surf Federation and the French Ministry for Youth and Sport, Hastea Surf School guarantees you will learn to surf safely.

For us, strong values are essential and we strive to pass them on through our classes. Surfing is not only a sport, it’s a life style. When you surf, it is crucial to respect others (right of way rules) and our environment (ocean, beach, public spaces).

Our partners contribute to our mission of sharing these values through surf lessons.

Our wetsuits are supplied by Quiksilver and Roxy, to protect ourselves from the sun while respecting the ocean we can count on EQ sunscreens, Kway keeps us warm and dry no matter what surprises the Côte Basque weather holds for us, Nixon allows to follow schedules and tides, and last but not least Torq provides us with boards of all sizes, colors and materials for your enjoyment.

In short, a perfect union to help us offer you exceptional training, tailored to each and every single one of you, day in day out. We warmly thank all our partners!

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