From what age can you learn to surf ?

Surfing is a sport that attracts more and more children. The ocean, the waves, the boards… All these elements contribute to the growing popularity of this nautical activity. Surfing can be practiced at any time of life, as long as your physical condition makes you fit. But, from what age can you learn to surf ?

Teaching surfing to children from the age of 5 year old

It is possible to start teaching surfing to children from 5 years old.

It is not necessary that they know how to swim.

Safety measures to be respected to learn to surf in all serenity

Following basic safety precautions is very important for learning to surf. Always make sure to :

  • equip your child with a foam board and at his size 
  • if you wish, equip him/her with a protective helmet
  • start with small waves and in a place where your child will be able to stand.

Favouring lessons for optimal learning 

Surf clubs very often offer private lessons and introductory courses for children. This is an ideal solution to allow them to learn surfing in the best conditions. Benefit from the know-how and pedagogy of professionals specialized in water sports learning.

The practice of surfing must be moderate to allow regular improvement

Surfing is a demanding sport and can be very tiring for children. Its practice must remain moderate and its learning should not be excessive. Like many other disciplines, such as guitar or piano for example, surfing requires patience, seriousness and regularity to allow a good progression. On the other hand, the best training is the one that is not imposed. When starting a new activity, pleasure should be the key word!

Learning to surf is possible at any time of life, the essential being to have the necessary physical condition. Nevertheless, for a child, it is advisable to wait at least until the age of 5 years. Surfing is a difficult sport and it is important not to skip any steps. To learn more about it, read our article on the 5 things you need to know to get started in surfing.

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