5 things you need to know to start surfing well

Do you dream of surfing and wonder how to get started in this sport? Surfing has been a very trendy activity for several years now. More and more thrill-seekers are answering the call of the ocean and its waves.

Here are the 5 things you need to know to get started in surfing.

1. Choosing the right equipment: an essential step for a good start in surfing

The choice of equipment is very important. The board must be adapted to your physiology and be suitable for beginners. Generally, foam boards are preferred. Don’t hesitate to ask a specialized dealer for advice.

2. Learn the best practices on the sand before you jump in the water !

Learn how to position yourself on the board while staying on the sand. Repeat the techniques you have been taught or the information you have found on your own before trying to catch any wave !

3. Choose an easy spot to start surfing.

Choosing an easy spot to start surfing is essential. Avoid places that are too dangerous and not safe enough. To make sure you don’t make a mistake, you can consult the reference for surf spot sites: https://www.surfline.com/.

4. Learn the rules of surfing ethics

Surfing has its own rules which must be known by beginners. The most important one is certainly the “drop in”. It’s about not appropriating someone else’s wave. If two surfers arrive at the same time on a roll, priority is given to the one who is the most inside.

5. Take surfing lessons

If you can, the best way to start surf is to take surfing lessons. Learning alongside professionals, specialized in teaching this water sport, will allow you to start surfing in the best conditions and improve yourself faster.

You have all the cards in hand to start surfing. From the choice of your board and the spot where you are going to practice, to the off-water learning of postures and safety gestures, each parameter must be meticulously studied. Don’t hesitate if you can to get advice from friends or to take lessons. Choose your future spot by reading our article entitled the 5 surf destinations for beginners !


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