What is there to see in Biarritz?

WHAT TO DO IN BIARRITZ ?! Biarritz is a surfing town Yes, but not only  !

In this article we reveal all there is to see in Biarritz.

The Biarritz coastline :

Leave your car behind and go for a walk along the Biarritz coastline. The view is worth it ! Here is a short itinerary from North to South (you can also do it the other way around of course) :

Biarritz côte basque

Biarritz lighthouse :

a breathtaking view of the entire Basque coast, from Spain to the beginning of the Landes. Open every day in July and August and in the afternoons only in June and September.

The Main beach (Grande Plage)

Biarritz’s “central” beach. It is in the heart of the city centre, opposite the Casino. It is supervised almost all year round and you can relax there at any time of the tide.

The Rocher de la Vierge

if you walk up from the main beach along the coast, leaving the lighthouse behind, you will see this rock, accessible on foot from a natural stone bridge.

In the evening, lit up, it is just sumptuous and the view of the lighthouse is breathtaking.

The Fishermen's Port (Port des Pêcheurs)

continuing your journey along the coast, you will reach this small fishing port. The “guinguette” atmosphere is warm and the fishermen’s huts make the place more than typical.

The Port Vieux

a little further south, you will come across this pretty cove. Often sheltered from the swell and wind, it is ideal for swimming.

It is from this beach that the famous Biarritz coastal rescue training starts. It is also in this cove that the famous “Polar Bears” (“Ours Blancs”) swim during the Winter (every single day!!).

The Villa Belza and the Côte des Basques beach

Right after the cove of Port Vieux, you will see this small castle which marks the beginning of the Côte des Basques beach. A mythical beach, the birthplace of longboarding and surfing in France, it is ideal for learning how to surf!

However, beware of the tides. If the tide is high, the beach is non-existent. Get a tide calendar online, at the Biarritz tourist office or at our surf school!


Biarritz swimming pool

Great view on the Grande Plage !

Cours de surf adulte Biarritz

Surfing in Biarritz

Besides the Port Vieux beach, you can surf on all the beaches of Biarritz (Grande plage, Côte des Basques, Milady).

Numerous surf schools and surf rental shops are available at the various spots.

Skateboard initiation

In the Négresse area in Biarritz, not far from the train station, you can learn to skate at any age at Biarritz Skate Park !

Golfing in Biarritz

The Biarritz lighthouse golf course offers a breathtaking view of the coast. They also offer courses for all levels.

The surroundings of Biarritz from Biarritz thanks to Txiki combi!.

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Drive along the coast to Spain, go to the mountains or discover the typical Basque villages. They are sure to have the right package for you.

Txiki combi biarritz

The cultural activities

Gare du Midi Biarritz
Gare du Midi Biarritz
Musée historique Biarritz
Musée historique Biarritz

Biarritz Historical Museum

In the heart of the city centre, this museum offers exhibitions in a place full of old-world charm. It’s like being transported to another era.

Imperial Chapel

a must-see!

Biarritz Aquarium

fish, sea lions, octopuses and so many other species to admire!

Gare du Midi

Numerous music, theatre, dance and film shows throughout the year!


the Royal cinema, a small oldschool cinema. Over there, no advertising, no popcorn, you go there only for the movie and that’s the way people like it!


halles Biarritz

Les Halles

Covered market open every day from 7.30am to 2pm (and in summer from 6pm to 9pm). You will find all the good local products (Bayonne ham, Basque pâté, Basque cake, Ossau Iraty, as well as honey, fruit and vegetables from local market gardeners). You can easily have lunch there.

In the evening, the surrounding bars come alive, and this square becomes the heart of Biarritz’ nightlife.

The night market

Every Wednesday in the Summer, local craftsmen and women come together at the night market to offer their creations.

The fireworks on July, the 14th and August, the 15th.

Don’t miss these two mythical fireworks! They are launched from both the Biarritz lighthouse and the Rocher de la Vierge so that they can be seen all along the coast.

Beware, traffic is often disrupted on these days. It is better to plan to go there on foot or by bike.

feu artifice biarritz

Biarritz Casino

Located on the Grande Plage of Biarritz, this building is an icon of the city. The decoration and the view are grandiose. You are transported out of time!

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