How to make your wetsuit last longer ?

Yesssss !! I finally got my very first wetsuit, no more wetsuits with holes rented in surf schools or surf shops (I’m exaggerating, it’s rarely the case!).

Nevertheless, your first wetsuit is quite a step !

Except that a wetsuit needs to be maintained as much as a board! Let’s not lie, a full wetsuit is quite a budget! If we could NOT change it every 6 months, it would be better… Wouldn’t it?

In this article, we give you some basic rules to keep your wetsuit as long as possible.

1. With your wetsuit, soft you will be !

It sounds silly and unfortunately they don’t come with instructions… but yes, there is a way to put on your wetsuit. Or rather a way not to put it on….

Mettre une combinaison de surf

First of all, you have to be careful which way you put your wetsuit on. Trust me, once is enough!

We start with the legs… well yes, it sounds logical! Although…. We’ve seen some good ones!

When you put it on, first take the time to put on the heel and then put on the legs up to the knees and then up to the pelvis, making the neoprene go up little by little.


For the girls, do as if you were putting on tights.

Once the legs are well in place, put on the arms, always sliding the neoprene from the end upwards to avoid the neoprene being too distended at the shoulders.

Basically, avoid pulling too much on the suit whether you are putting it on or taking it off.

Yes, even when it’s -12 outside and you just want to jump in your car and go home for a hot shower.

Put a plastic bag over your feet and hands to make your wetsuit slide more easily!

We’ve found this tutorial on YouTube that sums it up pretty well:

2. In your suit, pee you won't do.

Don’t worry, we know how tempting it is to relieve yourself while waiting for the set to come and we’ve all done it at least once.

But if you want your wetsuit to last, you have to hold back!

3. After each surf session, your wetsuit you will rinse !

This is perhaps the most important part of wetsuit care. Or at least it’s the step you should never skip.

After your surf session (even if you get frustrated and angry), you should ALWAYS rinse your wetsuit with clean water ; inside and out.

This prevents the salt from damaging the neoprene and the zips, which can end up rusting.

4. Your wetsuit in the shade you will dry

The sun hardens neoprene. It is therefore not recommended to leave your suit to dry for hours in the sun.

First turn it inside out, and then dry it in a dry, warm place but with little UV exposure.

Your wetsuit will retain its elasticity for longer. The so-called “stretch” of the suit is what makes it both comfortable and waterproof.

If you ever get a hole in your wetsuit, there are neoprene glues that allow you to make it waterproof again.

Colle Néoprene

We recommend this glue from BLACKWITCH, tested et approved on all the wetsuits used in our surfschool.

We sell them at the Hastea surfshop on the Côte des Basques beach in Biarritz. But you can probably find them in most surf shops in surf destinations.

We hope that all these tips will help you to make your surfing equipment last…

See you soon and have a good surf !

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