Flashback to the 2022 French Surfing Championships in Biarritz

Last weekend we had the chance to be in the front row of the French Surfing Championships which took place this year in Biarritz, on Côte des Basques beach for the longboard category VS on the Grande plage for the shortboard category.


The French surfers offered us a great show. We were able to witness the very good level of French surfing among the “old” as well as the new generations.

A nice surprise, especially from Martin Coret from Reunion who won the longboard title, dethroning the legendary Delpero brothers, who were less in shape at this year’s championship.

Edouard Delpero, disappointed with his performance “I didn’t find a wave that opened up”, is nevertheless delighted to leave the place to the youngsters: “there is a good level in the future generation of surfers, it’s a pleasure!”

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In the women’s category, there were fewer surprises but the show was just as good. Alice Lemoigne honoured her World Champion title by winning this French longboard championship.

She wins in front of 2 other Réunionese, the young Maya Glasenapp (2nd) and Ophélie Ah-Kouen (3rd).

A great record for the Reunionese surfing league who is proud to have won 4 podiums out of 6 in this French longboard championship.

A victory more than welcomed after many years of mourning surfing on the island. Reunion Island is slowly regaining its level on the French and, hopefully, international scene.

Maud Lecar et Tya Zebrowski - championnats de france de surf 2022
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In the shortboard category, it is the Royannais Charly Quivront who wins in the men’s category, and Maud Lecar who takes the title in the women’s category after a big fight against the surfing prodigy, Tya Zebrowski, 11 years old, who finishes in second place.


It’s no secret that the “problem” with surfing is that you can never really be sure of the conditions more than 2 or 3 days in advance. However, an event such as the French surfing championships must be anticipated a little more than that … I’m sure you’ll agree!

It is on the spots of La grande plage of Biarritz and the one of la Côte des Basques, always in Biarritz, that the surfers were confronted to one another. And the waves were there indeed during this last weekendof October, delighting us all.

Despite the temperatures that were especially high for the season, the competitors were able to enjoy aa famous autumn swell on the two spots reserved for the competition.

There was size, consistency, and a beautifully oriented wind that allowed most of the surfers to work their waves and express their potential.

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The spectators, as for them, were able to take advantage of the summer temperatures to admire the competitors’ performances while sunbathing on the beach.

Some came for the occasion, others had innocently come to spend the All Saints’ Day holidays in Biarritz and were inspired by the competitors’ prowess in their own practice.

Indeed, despite the competition, the spots of the Côte des Basques and la Grande plage remained surfable for all the amateur surfers in areas dedicated to them.

Surfing lessons and courses were maintained.

It is therefore a 100% win for the city of Biarritz, the city’s economic players and the French Surfing Federation, which has achieved a perfect record in the organisation of this 2022 championship.

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