5 surf destinations for beginners

Are you new to surfing and looking for spots to practice your new passion ? Here is a small tour of perfect places to have fun while surfing.

Discover 5 surfing destinations for beginners that will allow you to practice your favorite sport in ideal conditions !

1. Surfing for beginners : heading to Biarritz !

Biarritz is one of the most famous surf spots in France. Its reputation is such that it has become worldwide. It is a dream place to start surfing, both by its geographical proximity and by its optimal conditions. The Atlantic Ocean and its numerous waves allow a good practice of surfing all year round. For learning, try “La Grande Plage” and “La Côte des Basques” in the Summer.

2. Portugal, an easily accessible destination

Portugal is easily accessible from France, especially by plane. It is a close and perfectly indicated destination to practice surfing for beginners. Make the most of this opportunity to combine an exotic vacation by the sea with the discovery of spots to improve your surfing skills.

3. Morocco, the ideal country for surfing in autumn and winter

Going to Morocco in autumn or winter allows you to enjoy the sun while the weather is less clement in France. For surfers, it is the opportunity to practice their favorite sport. Morocco has some very interesting spots, especially for beginners. Thagazout has been considered for some years as the main Moroccan city for surfing and Hash Point is an ideal spot for beginners. Enjoy warm water and dream waves all year round !

4. Go surfing in the Canary Islands in Spain

Spain also has interesting places to surf. This is the case of the Canary Islands and especially Lanzarote. Arietta is a popular spot for beginners: not very crowded with a relaxed atmosphere, it will allow you to practice in complete serenity !

5. Discover exotic surfing in Sri Lanka

If your budget is comfortable and you have some free time ahead of you, go surfing in Sri Lanka. This small island located in the south of India is a paradise for beginner surfers! Arugam Bay, Lazy Left or Welligama are reference spots. The one of Mirissa is to be preferred in case of swell: surrounded by sand and coconut trees, it is more sheltered and offers an idyllic setting for surfing.

There is no shortage of surfing destinations for beginners and we could have mentioned many others. These are among the most interesting and accessible. So pack your suitcase and go surfing all over the world !

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